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Why you should be blogging

Mad Blogs and Englishmen

Blogs are a well established and highly popular part of the online landscape allowing anyone to publish articles or “posts”, in a way that makes them easy to read and interact with. Initially blogging was regarded as an activity associated with individuals, a way of keeping a journal or record of thoughts and feelings around a given subject. But over the last 5 years or so businesses have been incorporating Blogs into websites as a means of keeping their customers and prospects up to date and encouraging them to interact.

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The Allsorts

It takes Allsorts…

Project: Allsorts Magazine
Published Monthly

Funny how thing’s work out isn’t it? One moment your sitting in your office calmly going about your business, the next your talking to a rather breathless marketing guru explaining that (in the grand tradition of marketing gurus) she’s just seen an amazing opportunity and wants me to be part of it.

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4x4 Solutions

Adding some real grunt to a website…

Project: 4×4 Solutions
Site Published: June 2011

4×4 Solutions is based in Maresfield, East Sussex and is run by self-confessed 4×4 obsessive David Ede. For over a decade David has been looking after the needs of a loyal group of customers ranging from city types through to farmers ensuring their motors are running to the peak of performance whatever their use.

But his passion with the world of 4×4 extends well beyond his business.

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If Facebook were real life…

Think on…



Well here we are my friends at the foot of my little patch of virtual real estate poised and ready to plunge into a territory containing the key areas that go to make up my professional life.

On first glance I may appear to be inhabiting a rather broad range of activities but there is a common thread to everything I do underpinned by the words effective communication.

  • ONLINE BUSINESS: Use the web to create and maintain effective communication with prospects and clients…more
  • OFFLINE BUSINESS: An effective networking strategy can deliver amazing and ongoing results…more
  • CREATIVES: Okay so I do a bit of theatre darling, but it’s all part of the communication mix so I’m allowed…more
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  1. Caroline Charman
    Oct 26 2011

    I really enjoyed your talk at Mothers’ Union last night, I have not laughed like that for ages and it did me good, although I couldnt sleep afterwards.
    I wish I had seen your show.
    Thank you for all the effort you put into the evening, I hope most people enjoyed it.
    Caroline Charman(Smith) Sec


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