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Dragons Den

How To Tame A Dragon

Last Sunday I was watching the businesspersons TV equivalent of required reading, Dragons Den. Oh how we smirk when they fluster and bluster through their pitches, foul up their demonstrations and look south when the thorny issue of figures is broached.

The slow inevitable deconstruction of a persons life’s work is compelling to watch. Theo’s preoccupation with breaking things, Read more »

Event Hosting

Education, Education, Education…

Ah who remembers Mr Blair’s rally cry at the start of the century where in the midst of his ambitions to secure a second term as Prime Minister he boldly pledged a gazzillion quid to transform the fortunes of an ailing education system?
Read more »

The Allsorts

Funny how things work out isn’t it?

One moment you’re sitting in your office calmly going about your business, the next you’re talking to a rather breathless marketing guru explaining that (in the grand tradition of marketing gurus) she’s just seen an amazing opportunity and wants me to be part of it. Read more »


All the world’s a business stage…

Many of you know that I’m a bit of a luvvie on the quiet (well actually not that quiet judging from the reaction to my last show).

I simply love the theatre and am both a keen contributor and enthusiastic audience member. My last show featured the lives of ten characters and contained subjects as diverse as love, loss, death, religious doubt, fame and friendship. In the process of devising, writing and performing this show I reconnected with the thing we probably most associate with childhood, that of the simple art of story telling. Read more »


Alan Sugar…slightly off the mark?

This made me laugh out loud – from those cheeky chappies at Elevate Local.

Infographic by: Elevatelocal


Let’s get things in context shall we?

Now, why are you in business?

If I asked this question to a group of business people chances are the answer would be “to make money”. Some may choose to elucidate further, outlining their plans for world domination or Trump-like power but for the most part the feeling of a bulging bank balance is a sufficient driver.

However I would argue that financial gain is really only a constituent of a broader purpose and that it’s important to understand what that purpose is in order to keep a focus on what serves you and your business best. Read more »


Networking, why bother?

I was out recently having lunch with one of my clients who confessed to me that she had never (gasp) been to a networking event in her life. Moreover he was rather scathing about my apparent “addiction” to such activity and questioned whether it truly delivered in terms of the bottom line.

Once I revealed to her how much of my business was directly generated from business networking and associated activity she almost choked on her caesar salad. Read more »


So, what do you think of me?

Mollie Treverton is a business coach. I recently ran a presentation at a business event at which she was present. Afterwards she came up to me and asked if I would like some feedback. Gulp.

I accepted, in that way that you say yes when the drill-poised dentist asks if you’re ready prior to plunging into a root canal. Thankfully her comments were mostly positive but there were a few elements that really made me sit up and think about my delivery and content. As a business professional she could see, hear and feel things that with a few gentle tweaks could make my presentation go from good to great. Read more »


Getting round the camp fire…

Modern life is fast and complicated. Time is precious and often quite limited, meaning that more often than not we confine our communications into short bursts of impersonal, hurried and remote missives through Facebook, Twitter, email et al.

The proliferation of such services give the impression that we are always in touch, however much of what flies through the web ether is closer to commentary than effective communication and really does nothing to further the cause of man. Read more »


I have a passion for cookies

This comment came from the first visitor to my stand at the recent Microbiz event in Horsham. I wasn’t quite sure whether to send her to Waitrose of give her business advice but as we continued to speak it was apparent that this was a serious business proposition and that her attendance to the show was to get active.

Many of the attendees were in the same category, people with ideas in various stages of development all curious to test their ideas, gather information and learn key strategies for success. Read more »

Not What We Expected

Have you parked your dream?

When I was around 23 years of age I had a dream. The dream consisted of devising, writing and performing a one man show in front of a capacity audience in a professional theatre. The dream was vivid, I saw the lights, I heard the audience laughing (and gasping), I felt the sheer thrill achieving my goal.

So why didn’t it happen? Read more »

The Networkers Healthcheck

The Networkers Healthcheck

Doctor: Now, what seems to be the problem?

Patient: I feel I’m doing all the right things but I just don’t seem to be getting the results.

Doctor: Hmm, a common ailment I’m afraid. Pop up on the couch and I’ll take a look. Ah yes, I see what the problem is here… you have a case of Networkers Inertia.

Patient: OMG! Is it serious? Read more »

Social Media Icons

For those who don’t do social media, here’s some social media…

I know, I know I run a web business and should be all gooey eyed and loved up with Social Media. I should be Tweeting, Facebooking, Linking In, Beboing, iChatting, Messenging etc etc… but really, is it total necessity to be providing a largely disinterested world an online commentary of your life? Read more »


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