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The Allsorts

It takes Allsorts…

Project: Allsorts Magazine
Published Monthly

Funny how thing’s work out isn’t it? One moment your sitting in your office calmly going about your business, the next your talking to a rather breathless marketing guru explaining that (in the grand tradition of marketing gurus) she’s just seen an amazing opportunity and wants me to be part of it. Read more

We All Stood Together - a play by Tim Fifield

We All Stood Together

In November 2009 I wrote, directed and starred in We All Stood Together, a play about five wannabe stand up comedians intent on entering the most precarious of professions. The play featured the acting talents of Charlie Joseph, Tom Stacey, Hannah Charlton, Elaine Williams and Guy Hayward and was notable not only in that it received great reviews but was the first outing for the character of Reg King who subsequently appeared in Not What We Expected (soon to be revived at The Capitol Theatre in Horsham). Read more »


All the world’s a business stage…

Many of you know that I’m a bit of a luvvie on the quiet (well actually not that quiet judging from the reaction to my last show).

I simply love the theatre and am both a keen contributor and enthusiastic audience member. My last show featured the lives of ten characters and contained subjects as diverse as love, loss, death, religious doubt, fame and friendship. In the process of devising, writing and performing this show I reconnected with the thing we probably most associate with childhood, that of the simple art of story telling. Read more »


An interesting week

I’ve had immense fun getting Not What We Expected out in the shires. Have just completed 4 performances at The Archway Theatre in Horley with another two scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Putting your play on in another venue is a real learning curve and essential in assuring the show is ready for the tour I’m looking to get sorted soon.

UPDATE: All went rather judging by the reviews…

Not What We Expected

Have you parked your dream?

When I was around 23 years of age I had a dream. The dream consisted of devising, writing and performing a one man show in front of a capacity audience in a professional theatre. The dream was vivid, I saw the lights, I heard the audience laughing (and gasping), I felt the sheer thrill achieving my goal.

So why didn’t it happen? Read more »


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