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Event Hosting

Event Hosting

How to make your event eventful.

If you’ve ever been to an event and within five minutes have sized up all the emergency exits there is a very good chance that the event host was something south of dull. There is no doubt that an event is defined by its host. A bad one can kill things stone dead, an over enthusiastic one the same. The truth of the matter is a decent host will make YOU look good, make your guests relax and take the stress and risk out of going it alone.

I’ve been hosting corporate, charity and entertainment events for years and would welcome the chance to chat through how I could make your show go with a bang. Other than some very kind feedback from clients I’ve helped over the years there’s a few important things you need to know about my style and approach:

  1. I’m in business; I understand about business relationships and the importance of your image, message and purpose.
  2. I’m in showbiz; So I know how to hold an audience and elicit reaction and energy from your guests. (If in doubt check this out).
  3. I work hard; I never just turn up and troll out the old standards, you get my full attention before the event ensuring I cover all the bases and understand your objectives.

Here’s a few little nuggets of feedback from clients who’ve had a bit of me:

Tim speaking at The Effective Marketing Company breakfast

Tim speaking at The Effective Marketing Company breakfast

“Tim Fifield is an incredibly accomplished and confident speaker who puts a room at ease with his gentle charm and wit. When I was looking for someone to host my first ever effective marketing breakfast I had no hesitation in approaching Tim and I was delighted when he took up the offer. He was excellently presented, prompt and full of infectious energy which set the tone for an excellent event.

Following on from the event the feedback has been fantastic and in particular praise for the work that Tim did.
I am hoping that Tim will become a regular host and speaker at my events and I would recommend him for your events. Book him before he gets too busy.”
Martin Henley – The Effective Marketing Company
“Tim, you were absolutely wonderful, the guests loved you”
Rachel Burgess – Lifestyle Sussex
“Thank you Tim for an amazing performance”
Michael Beasley – St Catherine’s Hospice
“You were brilliant and everyone’s been talking about you and your auction exceeded all expectations!”
Alice Chambers – The Essence of Fashion

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