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Search Engine Optimisation

What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why do you need it?

Hmm, glad you asked that. In simple terms SEO is the process of making your site as attractive to search engines as possible. The more attractive, the better the potential ranking. The route to this is through a solid understanding of what those attractive qualities are and ensuring you exploit every opportunity.

A lot of your core SEO work should happen during your website build. Decent designers and developers like mine have established “best practice” systems and processes to ensure that when a site is launched it sails down the gantry laden with a search engine friendly crew.

It is worthy of note however that no matter how SEO friendly your site is at launch it can become stale and unattractive to search engines without regular checks and tune ups. My professional SEO practitioner carries out regular detailed competitor analysis to ensure you are not losing ground through inappropriate coding, keywords or accessibility.

Getting and keeping SEO right is an ongoing process, often a minor tweak here or there can make or break a websites fortunes on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and ASK.

How we can help:

  • We can assess your current site and tell you where you are on all major search engines
  • We can analysise your site for improvements and provide a written report with actions
  • We can implement suggestions and provide comprehensive reports on activity
  • We can monitor your competitive space and check and tweak as necessary

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