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Web Compliance Check

Is your website legally compliant?

Much press coverage has been seen regarding the amendments to the companies act which came into force at the beginning of 2007 relating to your website and emails and the risk of £1000 fines for not complying with disclosure of the required information.

This caught the attention of limited companies and limited liability partnerships as this new piece of legislation only applies to them. However, most business owners (over 50% according to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform – formerly known as the D.T.I), do not realise that there at present 6 pieces of legislation which your website needs to comply with whatever form of business you trade under- , whether that is as a sole trader, partnership, Limited company, Limited liability partnership or franchise etc.

Which legislation affects your particular website will depend on what its pages contain, but the need to comply is vital as the fines and policing of internet operations are becoming more and more stringent, just in the same way that as a retailer with a high street premises you would have to comply with certain regulations – your website is your online shop window and the more complicated it is the more rules it needs to adhere to.

The service we supply;

  • Identifies which pieces of legislation your website needs to comply with.
  • Provides the necessary legal wording.
  • Identifies general amendments required to the website to comply with the new legislation.
  • Uploading of all information onto the website.

The Website Compliance Check costs just £175 + VAT – a small price to pay to keep the right side of the law.

Call now for further details.


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